Sunday, 31 March 2013

Double Crossed

This time it's about Double Crossed, a novel by Ally Carter that that combines both the Heist Society series and her other young adult series, Gallagher Girls. Both W.W. Hale the Fifth and Macey McHenry are at an exclusive charity ball, being bored out of their minds, when suddenly there's a hostage situation. Will her spy skills and his crminal knowledge be enough to save the day, or will the Calloway Canary diamond be stolen?

I liked the way the two series were woven together in this book. It showed both the strengths and weaknesses in their different fields and how the two different skill sets can complement each other. I think Kat's blubbering about Hale was kinda cute too :)

This gets a solid 4.2 stars

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Saturday, 30 March 2013

Perfect Scoundrels

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Sorry I haven't blogged for a bit. Life got pretty hectic. Anywho, today is all about Miss Ally Carter's thrid novel in the Heist Society series: Perfect Scoundrels.

Kat Bishop is pretty happy. Hale is her boyfriend (finally), she's far happier with her restealing jobs, and her team is one of the best, filled with teenage geniuses. But in the middle of an operation, Hale leaves. Turns out his grandmother (the only member of his family he actually liked) has died... and willed the multi-national Hale Industries to him. Is this an elaborate con? And how can Kat save the company and keep Hale?

I found this book ok... I thought the Hale-Kat relationship swings were too often, and the reasons for them forgiving each other and getting back together each time not really fleshed out enough. Same also for Hale. We're told he's sad, and people are worried about him, but we don't get a lot of descriptions on it. I did like the end result though, it seemed a lot more life-like than the usual impossible thing to break into/con people to believe ending. Not sure what was up with the Niagra Falls and Uncle Eddie...

3.5 stars

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Sunday, 10 March 2013

Dark Guardian Series

Good what-ever-time-it-is-where-you-are all!

The Dark Guardian Series is (at the moment) four novels depicting teenage werewolves and their relationships. Each book focusses on a different couple, and also has one challenge that affects the whole pack as well. Written by Rachel Hawthorne, the characters are believable and the werewolf lore is interesting (I particularily like the reason why girls transistion before boys) and different from other books in this genre.

Moonlight (1)
Full Moon (2)
Dark of the Moon (3)
Shadow of the Moon (4)

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Rachel Hawthorne

Hello, fellow book-devourers!

Rachel Hawthorne is a young adult and adult writer who was born in England, but moved to Texas later.
Her book include:

Dark Guardian Novels:
Moonlight (1)
Full Moon (2)
Dark of the Moon (3)
Shadow of the Moon (4)

Love Stories: Year Abroad Novels
London: Kit & Robin (1)
Paris: Alex & Dana (2)
Rome: Antonio & Carrie (3)

The Boyfriend League
Thrill Ride
Love on the Lifts
Caribbean Cruising
Snowed In
Labor of Love
Suite Dreams
Island Girls
Nick & the Nerd
The Older Guy
The Crocodile Who Was Afraid of the Water
Trust Me (First Kisses 1)

Psudonyms: Lorraine Heath and Jade Parker

Her website:

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Hello, fellow book-devourers!

A Dark Guardian Novel, Moonlight, penned by Rachel Hawthorne, was recent;y devoured by myself. The basic storyline is that Kayla, an adopted child who's parents died in the forest that she's come to work as a guide in. She's attracted to the mysterious Lucas, who is the leader of the sherpas, as they call themselves. As they lead a research team into the middle of the national forest where they hope to find proof of werewolves, strange things start happening that jeopardises those in the party. Then there is the beautiful wolf who comes to Kayla at night. What does it all mean, and will these researchers really find werewolves in the park?

When I picked up this book, I was kind of hoping the main characters would be over 25, simply because this usually mean sit has more in the book than the main challenge that must be overcome and relationship building. Well, it's about teenagers, and there is plenty of tension between the two main characters, Kayla and Lucas, and the second half of the book is mainly about solving the problem. There is some work done to set up for the sequels, but not a whole lot, and parts that should have gotten more attention, such as the bear-wolf fight and when Lucas deals with his brother, were let down by the half-a-page descriptions.

Good ideas, but could have been written better
2 stars

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Saturday, 9 March 2013


Hello, fellow book-devourers!
Book 3 in Chloe Neill's series the Dark Elite finally managed to get off my to-read shelf and into my currently reading one (I love Goodreads).
Lily Parker, an Adept with firespell is all psyched up to go to the school dance with her werewolf boyfriend. There hasn't been a lot of activity lately from the Reapers, so the only thing on her mind is her dress. Then, when an attack happens at the school, Lily's powers are gone. Who's taken all the powers of the Chicago Dark Elite, and why? And can Sebastian be trusted to help?

This book was engrossing enough to pull me away from the daily worries, but not so much that I had to finish it before I did anything else. The relationships here are done really well, much better than the first two books (in my opinion) There's the tension between Lily and Jason when the Sebastian issue is brought into the open is really good, and seems true to the characters. I also like what happens with Veronica. Either she subconsciously knows that she owes Lily, or Nicu is just a good influence (I know, we're all laughing) but she seems a whole lot nicer in this book. As a character, I think she's got a whole lot of potential, particualrily when we learn why Nicu is drawn to her.

According to Chloe Neill's website, there are 'no current plans for a fourth book.' I think the series still had a way to go, but maybe she'll come back to it later :)

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